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Example Psychology Dissertations

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Trait EI Theory in Leaders at Network Rail

This investigation addresses the problem of leadership attributes variance in different levels of management. With the environment work force changing…

Impact of Policy on Same-Sex Couples

The recognition of same-sex marriages would alleviate significant amounts of stress from those families who are a part of a homosexual partnership.

Psychological Theories of Chronic Pain

The operant approach to chronic pain was intended to concentrate upon external pain-induced responses and the social implications of the nature of…

Case Study of Personal Constructs Theory (PCT)

In this study we aim to provide an analysis of a subject’s problems using the Personal Constructs Theory (PCT) suggested by Kelly. The subject is a 35…

Analysis of Critical Psychology Theories

One of the most important bodies of knowledge is psychology. It is through psychology that so many disorders have been dealt with.

Literature Review of Gender and Stalking

One of the questions surrounding gender differences in stalking research is whether women are more likely to be victims of stalking than men.

Trait Paradigm of Psychology for Intelligence

Personality traits describe individual differences in human beings’ typical ways of perceiving, thinking, feeling, and behaving that are generally…

Analysis of the Child Behaviour Checklist

Numerous researchers have explored the prevalence of emotional and behavioural problems across the globe. Researchers have also investigated correlates…

Dual Route Model in Adult Reading

Connectionists theories have originated as a result of the debate between single and dual route models in the area of language processing.

Theories of Compulsive Buying Behaviour

Shopping, like most things, when done moderation is a valid means of both the physical acquisition of goods as well as a source of psychological pleasure.