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Environmental Sciences Essays

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Soft Sediment Communities

Soft sediments are the most common marine habitat on earth (Wilson, 1990). The habitats include sandy beaches, estuaries, mudflats and salt marshes.

Effect of Temperatures on Plant Growth

The plant growth module computes the crop growth and development based on daily values of maximum and minimum temperatures, radiation and daily value…

Water Quality Study of the Semenyih River

Semenyih River is chosen as a sampling site in this study also this river is of particular importance in the study of surface water pollution because…

Malaysian Market For Sago Palm

In this chapter, we will discuss the background of Malaysia market for sago. The discussion of the market consists of production, consumption, export…

Grass Silage Quality In Malaysia

There were different management systems been practiced in the livestock industry in Malaysia. The intensive system was widely practiced…

Causes and Effects of Climate Change Essay

There are two main causes of climate changes – natural causes and human activities. Natural causes have influenced the earth’s climates such as volcanic…

Climate Change Essay

This undergraduate essay on climate change describes the causes and effects of climate change and their effects on the environment.

Botanical Garden Importance Essay

The topic for this essay is the role of botanical gardens in plant conservation. The conservation of plant diversity is critical for sustainable…

Ilisu Dam Project Development

The proposed Ilisu Dam is a single project under the umbrella of the massive Southeastern Anatolian Project (Guneydogu Anadolu Proje) or GAP.

Safety Report on Pipelines

The media’s influence often drives a negative perception about pipelines and this report will provide a more facts-based approach to educate the reader…

Causes of CO2 Emissions

In our study, we become passionate to estimate the dynamic causal model for identifying the factors causing CO2 emissions in the long-run. The paper is…

Afforestation and Deforestation

Deforestation is a threat to life worldwide. It has an effect on the global climate and causes the extinction of thousands of species annually.

Disadvantages of Unclean Environment

An essay on the harmful effects of unclean surroundings. Air pollution effects on human life so bad. Much disuse is produce by air pollution.

Pollution in India

This report presents a review of the main causes of this phenomenon and the various measures adopted for their reduction. Also, cleaner fuels have been…

Compare Nuclear and Wind Energy

In this essay, nuclear energy will be compared and contrasted with wind energy; both of them are energy for sustainable development, though the main…

Environmental Impact of Fossil Fuels

Pollution is defined as the contamination of air, water or soil by materials that interfere with human health, the quality of life, or the natural…

ISO 14001 Advantages and Disadvantages

The design of ISO 14001 has weak sets of direction compared to BS7750 and EMAS because it sets environmental goals and are continuously improved but…

Impacts of Green Revolution on Environment

An essay on the environmental impact of green revolution. Green revolution refers mainly to dramatic increases in cereal grain yields in most of the…

Factors Affecting Population Growth

This paper will discuss these two theories for population growth and their effect on the resources and environment of the earth.

Eutrophication Process Steps

Eutrophication is world-wide environmental issue environmental problems that are related to high concentration nutrients. It is the process due …

Green Technology: Impact and Uses

Hybrid car can save about 169 gallons of gasoline per year. Non-renewable sources of energy such as gasoline and petroleum can….

How the Environment Effects Food and Supply

The purpose of this report is to discuss the current state of food and environment in the field of natural resources like soil, ocean, climate …